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In the construction industry the soil mechanics and probing at depth are the basis for the design of foundations. Precise tests, carried out by specialists, focusing on the safety and cost aspects of the job are necessary to prepare a building design and to avoid cracking waals, subsiding foundations and other problems.

Sondex is a specialised soil testing unit developed for the construction industry. 

We use advanced technologies to quickly and effectively obtain soil condition test results for depths of up to 30 m. The equipment includes:

  • a device for remote soil tests under a maximum load of 100kN
  • filed vehicles with a maximum load of 120 kN
  • tracked vehicles with a maximum load of 200 kN

The vehicles are equipped with a plotter, mobile phone and equipment to transmit data, allowing for an instant transfer of test data to the company’s headquarters in order to be processed. This procedure allows for adjusting the tests in real time and preparing fast complete reports.